Is “feeling happy” the reality?

The thing that I have been observing lately about people in general is the constant obsession of being happy. Don’t they know any other human emotion? I am not a sucker of pain and am obviously all for being happy and stuff, but what about authenticity and being true to yourself? Vulnerability takes a lot of nerve. Wearing your heart on your sleeve even if it isn’t the ‘cool’ thing to do, and unapologetically so, takes nerve. It is so easy to be standoffish. To pull off yourself like other ‘normal kids’ is the easiest way out.

Why don’t we allow ourselves and others to just BE! If we allowed our exteriors to show what’s going on the inside, the world would be so much happier in true sense. If we smiled at someone the person would be rest assured that it’s a genuine one. We live in a world where if a person smiles too much we second guess him. If a person chooses to remain quiet for a day, he should be allowed all his time without any judgements. Why are people burdened to pretend that everything is normal? Let’s face it, we all know no one is normal, no one has a life with a graph only going upwards. When we all know the truth, why don’t we gather the courage to acknowledge it for once, and start being true to what we feel from within. If someone is feeling low on days, why don’t we try to understand the person rather than asking him to stay “happy” and act as if nothing happened to him. Surprisingly enough, some of these advisors are the same people who shared articles about depression and the need for people to speak up their minds.

The journey to happiness comes in a circle to every person. It starts with being happy, then there are average days, then there are bad days and then there are really bad ones and once you are through all this, it is again the sunny side up. By saying ,being true to how you feel I don’t mean breaking things in office (or anyone’s face) if you feel like it, I mean, just being by yourself for the day, thinking to yourself about what went wrong, accepting. During this time, speaking to others and pretending normal IS difficult. If you pour your heart out, stay as you feel, they might judge you. But don’t they do it anyway? It may be unappetizing for some, but when you come out of it, that smile on your face would be authentic as all hell.

There is no courage greater than coming out as you truly are, without the fear of being rejected by the society. As E. E. Cummings once said, “to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it’s best day and night to make you everybody else is the greatest battle any human can fight, and never stop fighting.” Let’s accept ourselves AND others just as we/they are – untamed.